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Dr. Mark completed his plastic surgery training at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Long considered to be one of the top plastic surgery training programs in the country, his mentors include pioneers of the field based in world famous Beverly Hills, where he continues to see and treat patients. Prior to surgical training, Dr. Mark graduated at the top of his class from the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA, and earned dual degrees in finance and accounting as an undergraduate at Emory University.

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When not with patients, Dr. Mark is an avid golfer, and enjoys spending time with his dog Pacha, who has accompanied his entire journey through medical and surgical training. He has enjoyed traveling Europe annually since childhood where he visits his family and cherishes exploring its expansive art & culinary culture.

Message from the Surgeon - “Let Them Wonder”:

“Too often I see results in aesthetic plastic surgery that are obvious not only to me, but to those with no training or background in the field. Ski-slope pinched noses, tight windswept facelifts, and enormous breast augmentations are amongst the most common, but there are too many to list. These results may suit someone’s goal in a snapshot of time and place, but have no longevity! I pursue a timeless beauty, equally at home in Paris or New York twenty years ago, as in Beverly Hills or Scottsdale twenty years from now. Don’t stand out to people with garish plastic surgery; stand out with beauty, and let them wonder.”

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As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with a degree in biology and psychology, Dr. Repta is among the best plastic surgeons Scottsdale has in practice, delivering transformative results to patients from around the country.

If you are considering facial plastic surgery and want beautiful, natural looking results, Dr. Repta is your doctor of choice. Additionally, his warm and caring staff make the entire experience safe and comfortable for each and every patient.

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