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Dr. Repta graduated with high honors from Portland State University where he majored in Psychology and Biology. As an acknowledgement for his stellar academic achievements, Dr. Repta was awarded the distinguished Laurel Merit Scholarship at Oregon Health Sciences University Medical School, providing full tuition, and upon completion of medical school was accepted into the prestigious Plastic Surgery Residency Program at Michigan State University.

With his unique background in Biology and Psychology, Dr. Repta was able to develop an exceptional approach to his surgical process from the initial consultation, all the way to the healing and recovery process. It is this exceptional approach that sets Dr. Repta apart from any other plastic surgeon Scottsdale has available.

Repta Plastic Surgery

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon can be a very difficult and confusing process for many patients. Not only must you ensure that your cosmetic plastic surgeon is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery but experience, approach and results play a large part in this very important decision-making process.

Through Dr. Repta’s extensive experience working under some of the world’s finest plastic surgeons, he was able to develop a very unique philosophy and approach towards cosmetic surgery. In every procedure delivered, Dr. Repta first ensures a singular surgical goal between doctor and patient is understood. This allows for an accurate and desired cosmetic outcome and ensures patient satisfaction as both doctor and patient are working in harmony.

Together, Dr. Repta and his patients work as a partnership, using clear, open communication, resulting in an agreed-upon aesthetic and surgical goal every time.

This philosophy has been instrumental in the service that Dr. Repta has been able to provide his patients and one of the keys to achieving exceptional results consistently.

Holding the utmost integrity and highest ethical standards, Dr. Repta knows that he can achieve the desired results using his tried and true philosophy of doctor/patient partnership. With his passion for cosmetic surgery, Dr. Repta looks forward to enhancing his patient’s lives forever.

Your Private Consultation

To schedule your private consultation, please call our office today at 855 377 3782 or click either the in-office or virtual consult button below.

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If you agree with Dr. Repta’s philosophy of clear and open communication to establish a solid doctor-patient team, he is the perfect surgeon for you. We invite you to schedule a consultation to go over your questions, concerns, and goals. Dr. Repta will listen carefully and make the necessary evaluations to determine the ideal procedure for your needs. Our consultations are private and discreet, in a comfortable office setting.  

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