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Before and after Simone skin surgery


"I have now traveled all the way from New Zealand to the USA to see Dr. Repta for two different lots of surgeries. The first I underwent a tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation as well as a Bra Line Back Lift after losing 92kg. The second was skin removal on the thighs as well as a BBL. I have never felt in better hands in my life, Dr. Repta has the most caring and kind way of dealing with his patients and I knew the results would be the best they could possibly be. He doesn't promise perfection which I love the focus is on improvement and finding the best possible result for each patient. I can honestly say I now have the body of my dreams, I work out every single day but my results would not have been possible without the magic work of Dr. Repta."

Repta Plastic Surgery

Before and after skin surgery

Possible Pat

"After losing 340lbs my journey wasn’t complete till having my loose skin removed. Everything came out great, this is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Thanks to Dr Repta he is amazing, his work is one of a kind and I'm so glad to have worked with him!"

Repta Plastic Surgery

Before and after tummy tuck


"I flew from MN to AZ to specifically have Dr Repta do my surgery. Artist and perfectionist are just a few terms I'd use to describe him. His bedside manner and non judgmental attitude made me feel at ease. His staff, both in and out of the OR are just as professional as he is. I did my research before choosing and I couldn’t be happier."

Repta Plastic Surgery

Before and after Shelly


"Losing weight is extremely hard when you have a large amount of hanging skin. I got a fleur de lis Plus Size Tummy Tuck® with Dr Repta and my results were far better than I ever could have imagined. Because of his precision and attention to detail as well as his bedside manner, I couldn't imagine going to anyone else. To top it off, his office staff are fantastic! From day one, I felt like this was the right choice. I feel incredibly lucky to have such an incredible doctor who has truly changed my life!"

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Are you ready to be one of Dr. Repta’s success stories? The first step is to reach out and schedule your consultation with Dr. Repta. He will carefully listen to your cosmetic concerns and goals and make the necessary evaluations to determine the right procedure for your specific needs. Our consultations take place in a comfortable, private office setting, where your education on the procedure is our highest priority. 

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