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Personalized Contouring: The Role of Buccal Fat Pad Reduction

Buccal fat pad removal, also called cheek reduction surgery, offers an effective solution to those who want to reduce the size of their cheeks. Removal or reduction of these fat pads can create a more chiseled or refined facial contour.

The Procedure

Buccal fat removal is a fairly simple yet effective procedure. As one of the best Scottsdale plastic surgeons, Dr. Repta will carefully and gently remove part of both the left and right buccal fat pad via a small incision inside of the mouth. As this procedure is an intraoral procedure, you are left with no visible scarring, making this an appealing option for many patients. Once the buccal fat pad is removed, the area beneath the cheekbones becomes less full, creating that highly sought-after chiseled cheekbone appearance.

Are You a Candidate?

Patients who are unhappy with the way their cheeks look or who have any of the following conditions may be good candidates for buccal fat pad removal:

  • Chubby looking cheeks despite being at a proper body weight
  • “Chipmunk” like cheeks
  • Round cherub face despite exercise and diet
  • Lack of definition in cheekbones
  • Cheek area that looks too plump

Recovery & Healing

After buccal fat pad removal it is common for patients to experience some swelling. Swelling typically lasts 2-3 weeks for most patients. During the first few days following your surgery, you will be on a soft or semi-liquid diet, and you will have to use an antibiotic mouthwash to rinse and spit several times a day to keep the inside of the mouth clean.

Plan on a week to 10 days of recovery as the tissues inside the mouth heal much quicker than the skin. Within 2-3 weeks the swelling should be almost or entirely gone and you will begin to see a beautiful contour below the cheekbone.

Provided you do not have excessive weight gain, the results are permanent. Due to its simple nature, no visible scarring and beautiful results, buccal fat pad removal has become one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery today.

Your Private Consultation

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If you’re ready to get a slimmer-looking face, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Scottsdale's facial plastic surgeon Dr. Repta to talk about buccal fat pad removal. In a private, comfortable consultation, he will go over the details of the procedure and recovery process. He will make sure you’re fully informed so you know what to expect. If you’re interested in getting rid of those “chipmunk cheeks”, we welcome you to schedule your consultation today!

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