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However, we know that when you have been on an incredible weight-loss journey, it can be a little defeating to be left with loose, hanging skin after all your hard work. The body you dreamed of having is hidden by excess skin that is not only unsightly, it’s also quite heavy. Dr. Remus Repta takes great joy in bringing his patients a new lease on life and restoring their self-confidence. If you have lost 100 pounds or more, Dr. Repta can help reveal the beautiful new body you have inside with his skin removal surgery in Scottsdale.

Skin Removal Surgery Following Weight Loss

Skin removal surgery following massive weight loss can often be the final step in unveiling your stunning new figure. You have worked so hard to get to this point. You should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

When seeking a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your skin removal surgery in Phoenix, it is important to find someone skilled in these types of procedures.

The placement of incisions and the manner in which the skin is removed will have a drastic impact on your new body. Since the amount of skin that you need to have removed is generally greater than that of the “average” patient, you need to find someone you can trust. Dr. Repta has the skill, artistry, and experience you need to reveal your brand-new body.

When considering skin removal surgery following weight loss, there are several procedures that you may consider. A combination of surgical procedures is often required to achieve optimal results. We’ve included details about a few of those procedures to aid in your decision-making process.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, in a surgical procedure in which Dr. Repta will smooth the skin of the abdomen, remove excess skin and fatty tissue, and close the incision. If necessary he will repair abdominal muscles which have separated from each other, a common occurrence during pregnancy or childbirth. A new belly button will be created to finish the look.

Arm Lift

An arm lift is used to remove unsightly excess skin from the arms following weight loss. There are four basic types of incisions used in an arm lift:

  • Short-scar
  • Armpit crease
  • Full arm
  • Extended

The length of the incision will be determined by the amount of excess skin you would like to have removed. The more skin there is to be removed, the longer the incision must be to accommodate. The incision will, of course, be placed in as discrete a location as possible to allow for optimal healing and camouflage.

Thigh Lift

Many patients seek to have excess, hanging skin removed from the thighs following massive weight-loss. When you begin to gain weight, the first place it often tends to congregate in on the thighs and the buttocks. For this reason, there is often a greater percentage of fat lost in the thighs, resulting in more skin than other areas of the body. Thigh lift surgery is performed by removing excess skin and pockets of fatty tissue on the thighs and tightening the muscle in this area. The result is toned, contoured thighs that you can be proud of.

Breast Lift

Following significant weight loss, your breasts can often appear to be deflated and hanging in a much lower position than you would like. Dr. Repta can remove excess skin and tissue, lifting your breasts into a more natural, perky position. The incisions for a breast lift following weight loss need to be carefully planned and executed given the large amount of skin that must be removed. Dr. Repta is exceptionally versed in these procedures and will strategically place your incisions to achieve a lovelier outcome.

Bra Line Back Lift

The back can often have its own series of issues following significant weight loss. There can be unsightly rolls that extend below the bra line to the waist and beyond. With careful planning, this excess skin and fatty tissue can be removed, and your skin smoothed to reveal striking new curves you didn’t know you had.

Buttock Lift

A buttock lift can remove loose, sagging skin on the buttocks, contouring the skin near the waist, hips and lower back. If you are happy with the results of your weight loss, but less than thrilled with the new appearance of your behind, a buttock lift can restore your posterior to give it a smooth new look.

Embracing a New You

Losing a dramatic amount of weight can not only change your appearance, it can change your life. Our Scottsdale skin removal surgery is a way to reclaim your body and contour the curves you have always dreamed of following all your hard work. Dr. Repta has extensive experience revealing the bodies of patients who have lost a significant amount of weight through skin removal surgery. His calm demeanor and wide variety of knowledge will allow you to rest at ease that he is the best choice for your skin removal surgery.

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Now that you’ve achieved your weight loss goals, it’s time to complete your body transformation and remove that loose, hanging skin that’s been left behind. You’ve worked hard for your body, and now the time has come to tighten and tone. The first step is to contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Repta. During this first meeting, you will be able to voice any questions or concerns you may have, as well as discuss your aesthetic goals with the doctor. To set up your private consultation, we invite you to contact us today.

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