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Whether you are looking to enhance, size down, or perhaps just change the look of your breasts after childbirth, Scottsdale mommy makeover specialist Dr. Repta can help you achieve your ideal look. Below is a list of some of the breast related, mommy makeover procedures available.

Breast Lift

Very often after pregnancy, the breasts can look deflated or stretched. Some of the changes seen often includes loss of volume but also a larger and stretched areola and loose breast skin hanging below the fold. A breast lift raises and tightens the breasts to a more appealing and perky shape. As breasts can stretch and shift in shape throughout one's life, a breast lift is a great option to renew their previous form. Based on your skin laxity and breast volume, different techniques can be employed to rejuvenate the breasts. The procedure works by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue, creating a more youthful appearance. A breast lift can also be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation.

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Mommy Makeover

Breast Augmentation

Many women find that they have lost a large part of the volume of their breasts after pregnancy, leaving the breasts looking deflated and without shape. This is especially common among women who opt to breast feed their newborns. A breast augmentation (enlargement) can help restore the volume and fullness you had before childbirth. Through the use of implants or fat transfer, Dr. Repta can restore your breasts to their former size or even enlarge them if you so desire.

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Breast Reduction

Breasts that are too large for your frame can cause social anxiety and more importantly they can be the source of uncomfortable physical conditions, such as neck and back pain. For lighter, firmer and perkier breasts, a breast reduction procedure can help you achieve the exact look you have always wanted for yourself as well as improve the physical symptoms of neck and back pain. A breast reduction procedure consists of the removal of excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. A breast reduction can help you gain the self-esteem and healthy lifestyle you have been striving for.

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Breast Revision

Because of pregnancy, aging, or not having received the breast enlargement result that they truly wanted, many women may require a breast revision procedure. Asymmetric breast implant positions, "bottoming out" of breast implants, hardening capsules (capsule contracture), and rippling or other implant visibility issues are some of the problems that may require a breast revision. As with the entire mommy makeover procedure, various surgeries may be recommended by Dr. Repta to restore your breasts back to their former or improved appearance.

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Working with Dr. Repta

Dr. Repta views plastic surgery as a collaborative effort, and when you choose to work with him, he makes you an intimate part of the process. The two of you will work together to determine the best course for your body. This attention to detail, paired with a genuine care for his patients, makes Dr. Repta the best choice for a mommy makeover Scottsdale can offer.

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If you’re considering any of the various breast procedures listed above as part of your mommy makeover, your next step is a private consultation with Dr. Repta. During your meeting, Dr. Repta will take the time to listen to your personal goals in regards to cosmetic improvement. By ensuring he understands what you’re trying to achieve, he will be able to appropriately offer the options that will meet your needs. We welcome you to contact us today to set up your consultation. 

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