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Changes in the skin tissue around the eyes often occurs due to the natural aging process, making one appear tired, depressed or disagreeable, even when in the best of moods. Blepharoplasty can be an excellent complement to a facelift, necklift, browlift, or a regimen targeting the complexion performed with dermal fillers or injectables.

While eyelid surgery is typically done for cosmetic reasons, it can also be an effective procedure to improve eyesight in patients whose drooping upper eyelids are impairing their vision. When this is the case, the surgery can be covered in part by insurance.

Eyelid Surgery Results

Although this procedure is relatively minor, it can produce results that are dramatic and life changing.

The smile is enhanced, the eyes appear more open and inviting, and the facial expression is finally perceived as well-rested and pleasant. Friends and family members typically notice that the blepharoplasty client looks better than they have in years, but can’t be exactly sure where the change is coming from.

Thanks to Dr. Repta’s unrivaled techniques and consummate skill, he is known among his peers and patients alike for delivering among the best blepharoplasty Scottsdale has available.

Eyelid Surgery

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Candidates for eyelid surgery

As we age, our skin gradually loses its elasticity. A loss of elasticity coupled with the constant weight of gravity causes excess skin to accumulate on both the upper and lower eyelids. Too much skin on the lower eyelid can create unsightly wrinkles and bags. On the other hand, age may not always be the cause, as droopy eyelids and puffy bags can be hereditary and begin to manifest in younger patients as well. Some patients in their early twenties have had the need to correct this unwanted condition.

If you have any of the following conditions you may be a good candidate for eyelid surgery:

  • Drooping eyelids
  • Excess skin on upper eyelids
  • Crepe-like wrinkles on upper or lower eyelids
  • Bags under eyes
  • Puffy lower eyelids
  • Asymmetric eyelid position


Upper Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Repta will delicately and skillfully make incisions in the natural creases of the upper eyelids, removing any excess skin that is obstructing your vision or contributing to a droopy or tired appearance. The remaining skin is lifted and repositioned for a more youthful look. All incisions are closed with very fine sutures. As the incisions are carefully hidden in the natural creases of the eyelid during your upper eyelids surgery, the remnants of the incisions are left virtually unnoticeable.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

To perform lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Repta will begin by making an incision either below the lower lid eyelashes or inside the eyelid near the eye itself. The variation of where the incision is depends on the type of surgery selected and how it’s designed. By carefully placing the incision beneath the eyelash line, any potential scarring is left nearly invisible to the naked eye. Excess fat, skin, and muscle are removed creating a natural-looking, youthful appearance once again.

Surgical approach

As a physician devoted to precision, efficiency and aesthetic integrity, Dr. Repta pursues a conservative approach when it comes to all facial procedures. This not only ensures a more natural and authentic outcome, but also protects patient safety and the longevity of results. If the blepharoplasty client is prone to dry eyes or any vision problems, the doctor will insist on collaborating with an ophthalmologist prior to surgery, making sure the procedure is 100% approved.

Repta Plastic Surgery

Before your surgery

It’s essential to let the doctor know if you are on any medications, and if you suffer from any major medical issues such as a heart condition or hypertension. Even the use of herbs and supplements should be revealed to the doctor in order to prevent negative reactions throughout your procedure.

If you smoke, it’s important to stop a few weeks before surgery. Smoking can significantly impede wound healing during recovery, expose you to the risk of complications, and compromise your immune system in general.

Recovery & Healing

Following their Scottsdale eyelid surgery procedure, patients may experience some swelling and mild bruising around the incision areas. Some patients may experience tearing of the eyes or, less commonly, dryness. Using a special ointment or eye drops can alleviate dryness.

It is not uncommon for patients to experience a temporary blurring of vision as a result of using the ointment. In general, temporary blurred vision is one of the common side effects of eyelid surgery, but not to worry, as it is only temporary.

Most patients recover within one to two weeks post surgery. Results are quickly visible, and within short order, you will have more beautiful, youthful and rested eyes.

Begin your journey with us

As a premier cosmetic plastic surgeon performing among the best blepharoplasty Scottsdale has available, Dr. Repta looks forward to meeting you and answering any and all questions you may have regarding eyelid surgery. He and his caring staff are here for you, from beginning your aesthetic journey to following up through your recovery. We look forward to meeting you.

Repta Plastic Surgery

Dr. Remus Repta


Meet Dr. Repta

Dr. Repta is a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon and member of The American and International Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has been practicing in the greater Phoenix area for many years and is proud to call Scottsdale his home. He is known for delivering some of the best plastic surgery Scottsdale has to show for.

With his elegant approach and unique philosophy, Dr. Repta has helped thousands of patients enhance their looks and rebuild their self-confidence in ways they could not previously imagine.

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Your eyes are one of the main ways you express yourself to the world, and should therefore never be hidden by excess skin or distracted from by wrinkles. Dr. Repta’s blepharoplasty procedures bring life to the entire eye area, opening them up again and making them appear brighter and more beautiful than ever. If you’re interested in eyelid surgery, we invite you to schedule your consultation with the doctor today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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