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If you have been considering taking an effective step to enlarge your penis, we offer surgical solutions. Surgical penile enhancement can bring benefits, both mentally and physically. There are various techniques and procedures that can be performed by to address this very personal issue. Some of the benefits of surgical penile enhancement are as follows:

  • Greater girth (circumference)
  • Significantly boosted self-confidence
  • Heightened sense of masculinity

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time will reflect the procedure employed. Often some bruising and tenderness may occur but this is usually minor. A brief period of time is needed to be free of strenuous activity and any sexual activities so as to avoid complications, stress of incisions, and infections.

What should I expect during the recovery period?

You should expect to spend the first few days getting as much rest as possible. It is recommended to have help during the first day or two so that you can rest as much as possible. The goal is to prevent any complications from arising during the recovery period when the surgical site is the most vulnerable.

Exercise and strenuous activity must be avoided. Gentle walks can help you maintain good circulation. You may be prescribed pain relief medication to help reduce any discomfort in the early stages of your recovery although this is often not needed.

Why choose Repta Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Remus Repta is an accomplished, board-certified plastic surgeon that maintains the highest standards of surgical excellence, ethics, and patient care. Dr. Repta’s surgical skills were honed training under some of the world’s most renowned plastic surgeons, and he is widely recognized for his exceptional abilities in delicate surgical procedures.


How many forms of surgical penile enhancement are available?

There are numerous forms of penile enhancement surgery. At Repta Plastic Surgery we focus on offering the less invasive methods including fat transfer and filler injection.

When will I be able to have sex after surgery?

This will vary on the procedure and its often a few days to a few weeks. Once Dr. Repta confirms that you have healed sufficiently, you will be able to resume sexual activity.

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